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Break Free and Get Going

It is humane to feel exhausted and exasperated with life. Especially, when the world is moving so fast that every step you take towards achieving your goal requires a lot of energy, resources and time and thereby consumes a substantial part of your life-cycle.  Man is mortal; we just have one shot at life. So in order to experience things that are not a part of our daily curriculum the best option that we have is to take a gap year travel.

What does it imply?

A gap year travel is similar to taking a sabbatical. It means to detach yourself from the regular course of your life for a certain period of time. A gap year travel means that a person would just keep his life and its activities in a corner for a while and broaden his horizon a little more in terms of knowing and experiencing things that are new to him. Also, even though this phase is called a gap year travel, it does not necessarily indicate a period of 12 months; it could be more or less than that. When a person excuses himself/herself from all the daily chores which define his life and sets off to explore the world, or goes on a vacation, the trip is known as a gap year travel.

Who is it meant for?

A gap year travel is meant for anybody and everybody who has a busy life-cycle and is burdened with the so-called necessities of a successful life. It is very beneficial for students who are always under the pressure of excelling in their field of studies. It is also a boon for people who are engrossed in their profession to such an extent that they become oblivious to the outer world.

How does it affect students?

Students are tormented, encouraged, forced and obligated to be the best amongst their peers This takes a toll on them,  as a person has to endure that from the very beginning stage of his/her life. The first thing a child has to encounter once he/she is capable of grasping the meaning of things is that he/she has to study for the next 20 years. In most countries, people study till the age of 18-23 and if we consider the average life span of an individual to be 60 years, then we are talking about one-third of his entire life span.

Therefore, after toiling for one-third of your lifetime, you not only need, but also deserve a sabbatical.  A gap year travel would help you to preserve your sanity and enhance and enlighten your mind in more than one ways.

How does it affect professionals?

After the student life gets over, now is the time to prove to the world what you are made of and what you are capable of. Once you start working towards building a successful career, there is no turning back and everything that you do directly signifies your worth. It is no longer about who came first in a class of 50 people, it is about working along with the people who are all experts in their own field of studies and striving together to achieve a common goal.

Work-life is also about building an image in the society. Everyone aspires to be the most respected person amongst the group of people they socialize with. It is also important to be a significant personality in the family that you call your own. It is all about taking responsibilities, fulfilling your duties and being the perfect human being in every aspect of life. But is that all there is to an individual’s existence?

The moment you ask yourself the supreme question, “Am I happy?” is when you know that you are missing out on something. So don’t let that moment pass without taking a decision, break free from the shackles of life, leave the worries behind and soar above all your responsibilities for a while. Trust me when I say that you deserve it.

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