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Figuring Maths in the Abacus way!

I am still inspired with awe by people who do their Maths swiftly! And I wonder how they do it? More to that what are they made up of?

So how do we gets that maths juice flowing? Getting to crunch numbers just like a snack bar!?

As a concerned parent I look forward to research on old and new ways to help my children figure maths and more importantly remove the fright that creeps in every time there is a maths test at school or elsewhere.

Common awareness about our thinking faculty center aka the brain tells us that there are two sides to it, the Left hemisphere gets you through creativity, and the one on the right helps you figure maths, analyse facts. So it is this right hemisphere which needs to flex it’s muscles to fight that math monster and later be friends with it.

Coming across various findings on how to help your child build a rapport with maths one cannot afford to miss the teachings of Abacus and Vedic Maths.

Abacus also known as the counting frame is a simple tool which comprises of a rectangular frame with sticks in side which have beads on them. A typical abacus is divided in different parts and helps one do calculations by moving beads. An abacus way of learning maths lets your child get comfortable with calculations of arithmetic type, hence encouraging the child to do more with correct outputs every time.

And where is all this taught? Well there are many academies in the market but finding the perfect Abacus Academy can take more than just time and effort, one needs to know what the academy is offering, are they focussed only on teaching Abacus or do they offer more?

Another old yet a method which has stood the test of time and is trending these days is Vedic Maths having its origins in ancient India is a collection of methods and tricks, which help your kid think in terms of maths. I mean lets accept it, Indians have been good at maths and the concept of Vedic maths adds a cherry on the cake when it comes to methodologies used to teach maths.

It wouldn’t take us long to realize that the two methodologies are what can help children these days to grasp maths, and what better age to do the same than the formative years of 4 to 14, though studies these days have found that the two concepts can help a person of any age learn quick ways to figure maths but the sooner one starts better it is for them.

Help your children remove their fear and anxiety of maths and let them get acquainted with this wonderful science and, enhance their skills of computing by continuously working on methods what our ancestors have carefully devised. There is a wonderful quote that goes like ”Arithmetic is where numbers fly like pigeons in and out of your head”, with the Abacus and Vedic Maths way of life your kid is surely getting more than just the hang of it!

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