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How to identify fake ids

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best fake id

Identification cards are used to affirm a person’s identity, meaning, they tell John and the world that he is really John. In today’s world, that has become an important thing. Especially when John has more than one identity. So to say, it is impossible to cross security checks without showing your id. If the fake you are using is not good enough, you are bound to get caught.

The best fake id wouldn’t give you the slightest clue that it is fake. Nowadays, fake id’s are so well made that they can even pass scan tests. In order to know a good fake id, you need to know how they can be detected.

What are the signs you can look for in an id, to know that it is original and not fake? All States issue different kinds of ids. Each state’s id card is bound to have some sort of security that makes it unique. This may be in the form of

1- Fine-line pattern

A pattern of lines printed in the background of the id card.

2- Ghost image

A replica of the photograph printed in ghost form over the area of the address at the side.

3- Laser engraving

Some information that has been laser printed on the card and can not be altered without causing damage to the card.

4- Laser perforation

Laser holes punched into the card forming an image or object and are visible only when held against a source of light.

5- Overlapping data

Random data is overlapped with other data like image or such in order to make it unalterable.

best fake id

6- Overlay

A thin film is used as a protective layer to avoid the data in the card from being altered. This is done in place of lamination.

7- Tactile feature

Sometimes, a texture or print is used on the card that can be touch-felt on it without requiring a scan.

8- Transparent image

A kind of transparent image is printed on the card that can be seen from both the sides.

9- Laser embossing

Certain data is embossed by the use of laser onto the card. This is visible only on one side of the card and can be felt with the hand.

10- Rainbow printing

Rainbow printing may be used on certain cards that show a slight color shift when the card is tilted or moved.

11- Variable laser image

Certain images are printed on one side of the card using special laser technology that shows up at different angles when the card is tilted.

While these may sound reasonably unfakeable, fake id makers can replicate them all. Best fake ifd websites can get you the real deal.

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