parcel collection locker singapore
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The Best Option For Parcel Delivery

parcel collection locker singapore

Online shopping, e-commerce, e-shopping, internet shopping are just some of the names given to shops that are selling things online. Many people are fond of this since shopping has now been easy. Especially now where you can find almost anything online. Not just used goods, but brand new ones and consumables as well. For the sellers, this is an entirely new opportunity to tap into a different market where the potential in going international is high and it’s cost effective as well too!

Although there had been many issues that had been resolved parcel collection locker singaporethroughout the years with regard to online shopping, like the delivery, payment methods to even the buyer and seller disputes, there’s something that is still the problem. It’s not the delivery time nor the mailman. Do you know what the problem is or who the problem is? It’s actually you. Yes, you the shopper, not because you’re not paying the right amount or you’re returning your stuff, but because of your address.

Yes your delivery address that isn’t delivery friendly: Its open to the harsh environments, its in a place where there are kids naughty kids that can potentially move your parcels, its a pet friendly environment, too friendly even where owners let their dogs roam and feed on your parcel and the worst part of all is that you’re not home most of the time to secure your parcel. For the logistics company that’s not good because they can potentially be accountable for the mishap and for the sellers as well because they can potentially lose money due to returns and it’s not even their fault. It’s also inconvenient to you because you’re getting a bad condition parcel if not damaged or destroyed.

The solution? There are various ways that you can remedy this problem. You can’t really change your flat rules since its already fixed, or ward of your neighbor from ever passing in your door, because your door is where all people pass because its where the lift is. The solution?

  • You move to a different location
  • You make your office address as our business address
  • You make a barricade
  • You bore a big hole in your door for the parcel to be dropped

The best alternative: If all the things mentioned above isn’t an option for you then you might want to just get a parcel collection locker singapore. What is this parcel collection stuff? Basically, its a locker of your own where the mailman can drop your package. Its a dedicated address for you. The best thing about it is that its safe from everything mentioned above. If you love online shopping that much and you happen to have a really bad place for delivery, this is your best bet.

Online shopping is very popular, this is because it has everything you could ever want and need and not to mention it’s now safer and fun. But there is still something that isn’t perfect with online shopping and that is you the buyer, yes you. All because your location isn’t actually parcel safely. If you want to have a parcel friendly environment but you don’t want to move, check out

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