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Why Duotones Are Good

As we all already know, Photoshop happens to be the most used tool for editing images. Its many different features allow a designer to edit any sort of image and completely transform it into something else entirely. This is possible due to a lot of features and filters that come with the software. But the usual trend that goes around every now and then when it comes to the style of the images, is keeping it simple yet pleasing to one’s eyes. You must have seen modern black and white images where the quality can rival that of a colored image thanks to the technology we have today. But what if it wasn’t just limited to black and white. This is where the duotone feature comes in handy. Let’s look at what photoshop duotone is and a few of its advantages.

Duotone is the process of filtering an image by just adding two different contrasting colors. Some of the common combinations include black and red, black and yellow, and blue and black. The reason using duotone can vary from designer to designer. Most of them use it because it’s simple and aesthetically pleasing.

Duotone images are mainly used to complement other elements. Most of them serve as a background for typefaces. The advantages of using it are plenty. They can be really inexpensive and easy to use. This saves the designers a lot of time and money, because of which, the duotone image need not be complicated. Using simple primary colors in a proper way could result in an aesthetically pleasing image. You can usually see advertisements on billboards having duotones. This is to improve the readability of the text involved in the advertisement.

Photoshop is a great tool if you want to experiment with duotones. It can convert an existing image into a duotone image or convert a duotone image into the original. It’s quite easy to learn too. You can start creating duotone images within a matter of minutes once you learn the basics online. There are plenty of websites dedicated to helping you master the duotone technique.

In conclusion, applying duotones is a simple and easy to learn technique that could be effective when it comes to pushing out quick projects depending on the requirements. It is recommended to invest some time in learning and mastering this technique as it’s one of the basic ones and a lot of graphic designers are required to know about duotones.

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