contribution for youth at risk
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A contribution for youth at risk

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contribution for youth at risk

As we all know, the youths should be motivated to a greater extent in order to lead a successful future. They are the actual people who need more encouragement and support from the elder ones. Education is considered to be the best triumph card for the younger generation. But unfortunately many people get kicked out from their education for various needs. This also creates a negative impact over their life. Many among these youngsters become hopeless and they tend to lose all their power to move further. Obviously their life gets into a great risk than they sound to be.

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Hope for the youth

There are only few people in the society who tend to care for the growth of the younger generation. Bashir dawood and his wife mariyam dawood can be considered as the most important person among them. This is because they donate a huge amount and time in order to concentrate on the youths who are into great risk. They take them to places in order to keep them motivated and to help them to retain their mental strength to lead a successful future. They help the youngsters to dream something bigger and they also motivate them to reach their goal in spite of the huddles in their way. Every year, they also select certain number of youths who are at risk and make them to watch Singapore Grand Prix in live. This live car racing provides them great excitement and helps in bringing out the inner power in them.

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