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How to get work visa in Hong Kong

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Working visas hk in Hong Kong are progressively hard to get, with most employments once done by western exiles presently filled by neighborhood experts or territory foreigners. Try not to give that put you a chance to off, Hong Kong is as yet a noteworthy base for expat business, you simply need to do your examination first. To get your hands on a Hong Kong work visa, you have to satisfy various to some degree unfixed criteria (you’ll discover these underneath).

First You Need a Job Offer

Before you can apply for a Hong Kong work visa, you have to get an offer of work from an organization in Hong Kong like company secretarial & compliance service hk. This, in a perfect world, ought to be done before you move to Hong Kong. This, in any case, isn’t constantly down to earth and keeping in mind that the Hong Kong Immigration Service says you ought not move to Hong Kong before acquiring a work visa, they realize this isn’t constantly conceivable and that individuals should be in Hong Kong to quest for new employment. On the off chance that you get work while as of now in Hong Kong, you can apply for a work visa and the Immigration Service will once in a while make inquiries.

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You should leave and reappear Hong Kong to enact the visa.

When you have gotten an occupation offer, your organization will work with you in applying for a Hong Kong visa and keeping in mind that most applications are acknowledged, a critical number are rejected.

Hong Kong Work Visa Requirements

The criteria utilized by the Hong Kong Immigration Service is to some degree obscure, yet here are some fundamental rules.

  • Applicants need an advanced education except if they have extensive specialized involvement in a specific zone.
  • In expansion, the candidate ought to likewise have significant involvement in the position they are applying for.

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