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Terms used in Bitcoin trading


In terms of bitcoin trading, it should be clear regarding the exact conditions. The terms used are very different for some other common forms of financial commerce. As an illustration, a purchase option is one that is paid if the price exceeds a certain level on an agreed date. In contrast, a sell option pays only when the price is below the level.

Additional ways to use

It is also known as the “all or nothing” option, since you get the total amount or almost nothing. There are additional ways to use this in the market. Some contracts only allow you to buy assets at a reduced price. This is usually an option for receiving payment. If you decide to sell them, you can do it at a much higher market rate.


As an investor, you should check whether the bitcoin you are investing in is European or American. Despite the conditions, the styles are not associated with specific markets. In European style, the price should be above or below the level indicated on the agreed date. In the American style of bitcoin trading, payment occurs if the price at any time reaches the set level before the agreed date. This will make the American-style bitcoin news much more likely to generate income, and will be reflected in prices.

Basic things

If you plan to enter into a bitcoin deal, you need to ask two basic things. Firstly, the likelihood that this option is worth it. Secondly, how the option price will reflect this. You should know that prices are not the amount that you originally invested, but a ratio that includes the amount paid to receive the option and the amount received as a result of the payment. You can see this by analogy with fixed odds in gambling.

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