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Tips to place the TV or Plasma Screen in a Room

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TV console Singapore

The TV or plasma screen has become another element of the room, around which the family can gather to enjoy a moment watching a program or is a meeting point for our visits.

Avoid direct light

This point in the installation of a TV or plasma screen is basic, Many¬† TV console Singapore ¬†most people first place their sofas when they decorate the room and often end up placing the TV in front of a window, which causes the entrance of warm light the seats and they become very hot spaces. Under this scheme of distribution, the image suffers because it directly receives sunlight and thereby degrades the image and we will have a lower quality in this sense. Having a direct light source towards the screen generates uncomfortable brightness and reflections for the viewer’s eyesight. The windows will reflect their shape on the screen; the same happens with artificial lights, if we put direct lights near the screen we will have the same effect.

TV console Singapore

Height and distance

The minimum distance recommended for placing a plasma screen or a TV oscillates between 1.5 and 2 meters to protect the health of the eyes, this distance is also proportional to the size of the screen, it is not the same distance for a screen of 32 inches that for a 60. With regard to height, it is recommended by the experts in eye health that the center of the screen is at the average height of the eyes. Another advice is to never place the screen in an angular way, it should always be completely vertical because it can cause distortion when perceiving the images, to have a general idea we can say that the eyes of a person of average height sitting in an armchair they are usually between 90 and 110 centimeters from the floor level.

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