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Web Security and Protection Protocol: Why You Might Want to Hide Your IP Address?

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Your device’s IP address is like your public ID on the internet. It serves as a unique identification and address of the device whenever it connects to the internet. Using your original IP address in every web search you’ll conduct, it gives the right from the web server to know your exact location.

Moreover, anything you do on the internet, your device IP address will let the web servers know where to send back the information you have requested, after the sending back the request, the webpage or the web content will appear.

Several sites have the ability to log these addresses and has the ability to spy you, send you personalized emails for their marketing agenda. But for some people, privacy is a significant issue, and there will always be a way where someone can hide the IP address safely while doing some web browsing.

Reasons to Hide Your IP Address

One of the biggest reasons for casual web searchers to hide their IP addresses is to download illegal material without being spied on. But of course, hiding IP address is not all about downloading illegal materials, there are a lot of other important reasons why you might want to hide it.

free proxy

In several countries, there are websites in their area which is off-limits or restricted. Some web contents are blocked by the government, laws, IP restrictions, countries like China and the Middle East. So if you hide your original IP address, it’ll look like your using the internet from the other side of the continent, then you may have the access from these blocked websites.

Moreover, one of the important reasons to hide your IP address is for privacy purposes. Hiding your IP address will prevent stealing and misuses of your personal information. For example, whenever you visit a certain website, the server you visited will collect and logs your IP address and send your data, they’ll be able to learn about you, your browsing habits, what you visit and click on and the time you spend looking at a certain web page.

Then they’ll be able to sell this data to many advertising companies who’ll use it to send ads to you. They can also track your location using your IP address regardless if the location services are turned on or off.

Hide Your IP Address using Proxy Server

Proxy Server is a computer on the internet the redirects your web request. For example, if you type a website name on your browser, your ISP create the request for your and it’ll connect you with the correct destination, and will reveal your real IP address.

But when you use a proxy server, your web request will get routed. Your web request will go from your computer to your ISP but will also send a copy to the proxy server and to the website. Along the process, the proxy server will mask your original IP address and makes it hidden to the public.

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