vanilla visa gift card balance
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Checking Vanilla Visa Card in Detail

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vanilla visa gift card balance

Vanilla gift card can be accepted anywhere that the Visa Debit is. It is virtually all over the place in the US so this card has the high value just because of that. One primary substitute goods for the product is American Express card. Downfall to the American Express is it isn’t very widely accepted as the vanilla Visa. Recently I tried paying for pizza at the smaller size shop. I was quite disappointed I cannot use American Express card over there. That is why I suggested using the product as gift for the child and teen who doesn’t carry any additional credit and debit cards.

Replacement policy with the company is really very good. You may call the customer service line any time in a day and providing you have the right proof of purchase as well as serial number that you will have this card re-issued. Also, they can charge you $5.95 of re-issuance fee; however it is better than to have balance on a card lost forever.

  • As Travel Card for people who go abroad and want to carry cash over card and are searching for the better rate than one provided by the high street bureaus
  • The General Spend card is for people who do not have any bank account, and are the newcomers and don’t have any credit rating.
  • Internet Payment Card only for the risk averse spenders that don’t want to shop on internet with the credit or debit cards and for people who don’t have the credit or debit card to avail shopping offers online.
  • As Money Transfer and Money Share visa card for people who want to share the funds with their friends or family across the world
  • As Anonymity Card for people who want to protect the identity on internet from the fraudsters and are very keen to avoid such embarrassing bank statements
  • As the Payroll or Expenses card for employees who would like the wages to get paid on card or save their cheque cashing fees and those employers who would like to pay the staff using the card rather than cash or cheque

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