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Don’t let the snow bother you from having a good time

snow remove

            Those cold long winters nights are the best, drinking hot chocolate, standing by the heaters wrapped in fuzzy blankets are just amazing. Going to sleep all warm is incredible, until you realize it’s snowing hard and that means cleaning it up the next morning. Nobody wants to step into the cold to remove snow from their yards. It’s the part that people dread the most. But what if you didn’t have to do it, there are business who do snow removal in Regina, SK so that you don’t have to. They are saints around winter.

Who to choose?

            If you’re living in Regina, then you know that the snowfall is pretty heavy and it’s not easy to clear from the yards. But if you contact a team they will do you right. There are plenty of snow removal teams, but one of the best is S & T Property Maintenance. They are a landscaping business and have been open for over a decade, and have tons of experience. They have tons of services from lawns to sprinkler systems and so on. They are the best people to have around in the winter. You can easily find them online and give them a call.

What are their winter services?

           In winter the most important thing needed is snow removal Regina SK, and they do this. This is something they specialize in. They will get rid of all the snow in your yard, the ice that is stuck to your sidewalks and pathways they will do so. They use the needed tools and makes sure that you’re homes are not hazardous anymore. This is their main skill, but they also specialize in much more. Do you need those Christmas lights hung up, well they also do that. They will clear the snow themselves and you don’t have to get up on the roof and hang the lights anymore. That’s why S & T Property Maintenance is there.

How much would it all cost?

             The cost of snow removal can be difficult to examine, there are various factors that come into play when deciding the cost. The most important one is how big you area is, the cost is determined from the size of your yard, the larger it gets the more expensive. And what kind of service you choose. You can get a free estimate if you call them, so you know what the price would be roughly.

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