barcode printer Singapore


barcode printer Singapore

Nowadays all the small shops to the supermarket, to sell any items, bar code is used. It is a parallel line series that will either be one-dimensional or two-dimensional, which can be read by the barcode readers. The purpose of the barcode is for record-keeping, warehouse management, and data collection, which involves the process of collecting the product details, stock, and business tracking.

The barcode printer is used to print the barcode tags on most of the products which are on sale. They are widely used in grocery stores on all the packaged items and textile stores on clothes. The companies or manufacturers will print these barcodes during shipment. It is a unique code for each product. It is also beneficial in the hospital blood labs to identify and differentiate the samples of patients.

Logicode is the leading seller of barcode printer Singapore which brings out machine-readable, unique, and high-quality barcodes. To print these, two types of printing technologies called direct thermal and thermal transfer. It supports both the large warehouse and retail markets. The one which is used in manufacturing units, logistics and transportation is an industrial barcode and the one used in retail is a desktop barcode. It helps to enhance the productivity and efficiency of the business. Barcode printer helps the sales team to identify and manage the products which are selling fast and slow. Whenever the price of the item is increasing or decreasing, it will very easy to reprice and can take the backup data for sale comparison.

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