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Introduction To The Concept To Earn Bitcoin!

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earn bitcoin

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is decentralised and digital which does not have an administrator and is in no way related to the state’s central bank. Bitcoinis similar to email, anybody can use it and there doesn’t exist one particular company that owns it or is in charge of it. The transactions made through Bitcoins are irreversible which means no one; absolutely no one can stop you from sending or receiving Bitcoins to anybody, not even banks or the government. Just like cash, one should not let strangers or people they are not acquainted with, hold their Bitcoins and one should avoid sending Bitcoins to people they don’t trust on the internet.

Virtual Investment and Actual Investment

Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency like Ethereum, Stellar and many more are known as a Virtual Investment as there is no actual money is involved in the investment. In Virtual Investment Cash-Out is not possible.

Whereas investment like Debt fund, Equity Fund, Gold, Share, Property, FD, PPF, etc. are known as an Actual Investment since there is the involvement of actual money. In Actual Investment, Cash-out is easily possible which makes it more secure.

The advantage:

earn bitcoin is a new concept, fast, has a limited track and has low credibility whereas actual investment has the old concept, stable, has detailed tracking, and has higher credibility.

Above all, if any investment has daily fluctuations more than approx. 30% or less than approx. 30 % then it is considered as an unsafe investment. Even Bitcoin investment does not ensure Federal and Government Insurance and also does not get Sovereign Support.

Bitcoin- The Digital Currency is popular as it only involves self-benefit as it doesn’t involve government at all whereas the Actual Investment involves mutual benefit where both the investor and the government get benefit from the investment.