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Differences Between Top Selling Trucks

All of this information is what I observed from driving each vehicle.

I currently drive a 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 pickup truck. My father owns a Ford pickup, my step-dad owned a dodge pickup, my mother also owns a Ford pickup, and I have countless friends that own many different ones. Before getting my truck, I always drove a family members or friends. My decision to buy the truck I have now came from my experiences with many other pickups. This is the information that I have obtained from driving these many trucks. If your looking for performance and gas milage in a gas pickup truck, then a Chevrolet Silverado would be the way to go. My truck is four wheel drive with a 5.3 V8 and still gets a good 20 MPG highway. If I put my programmer on it then it will get about 23 MPG. It also has better acceleration and half-throttle response compared to Ford’s and Dodge’s. Ford comes second when referring to power and MPG. When driving my friends F-150 5.4 V8, it was getting around 18 MPG hwy, but did not have anywhere close to the power and acceleration of the Silverado. The Dodge Ram 1500 4.7 V8 has about the same acceleration as the F-150, but about 16-17 MPH hwy. The Dodge Ram Hemi’s have very good acceleration and power, about the same or a little better than the Silverado, but much worst gas milage than its 4.7 model. Although, if your looking for interior room, then a Ford would be the best pick. It has about the same front seat room as Chevrolet and Dodge, but the back seat room is much better. Chevrolet comes in second when referring to backseat space. Dodge has very tight back seat space. Although, the 2009 Dodge Rams do now come full size, and it was named number one truck of the year, but I have not observed any part of the 2009 Dodge yet. The Dodge Ram 1500 also has a better turning radius than any other truck. The Ford Explorer Sport Trac that my mother owns has its goods and bads. Being a V6 it has pretty good acceleration but I would think it would have got better gas milage. It only got about 16 MPG. It has good interior room in both front and backseat for being such a small truck, but the bed of the truck is very small. ekspedisi Surabaya

3/4 Tons gas pickups keep about the same standings. The Chevy Silverado 2500 6.0 V8 has good power but the gas milage drops to about 15-16 MPG. The Ford F-250 comes with a V8 or V10. The V8 got about 13 MPG in some cases and as low as 10 MPG in other cases and also didn’t put out a satisfying amout of power. The V10 got about 10-11 MPG but put out a lot of power. The Dodge 2500 V8 got about 10-11 MPG and didnt put out as much power as expected.

Now, when it comes to Diesel trucks. You mostly see people driving Dodge diesel trucks. This is because Dodge Diesels (Cummins) are inline 6 engines. They get much better gas milage than Chevy or Ford diesels and they still put out a lot of power. My friend owns a Cummins and he got about 22 MPG until he put 35″ tires on it. The Chevrolet Diesel (Duramax) gets pretty good gas milage and puts out more power than the Dodge and Ford. I would estimate about 18 for the Duramax. If you decide to invest in a performance programmer or chip, it can increase your gas milage by about 3 to 5 MPG. My cousin put one on his Duramax and now gets about 23 MPG. The Ford Diesels (Powerstroke) on the other hand gets worst MPG and puts out less power than the Chevy and Dodge Diesels. My friends 2003 Powerstroke gets about 13 MPG and doesnt tow near as good as the Chevy or Dodge. My dad’s 2008 Powerstroke gets about 15-16 MPG but tows much better than the older models. All around, Dodge Diesels are the best to buy in this category.

Out of all of the trucks, you can pick up the Dodge’s for a cheaper price than the Chevy’s or Ford’s in all categories.

After reviewing all of these trucks and buying the Chevrolet Silverado, I have been very satisfied and haven’t had any problems with the vehicle since I got it, which was a little over a year ago. Great gas milage and a lot of power.

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