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Getting Into Complete Details of Melanotan 2 and Its Effects

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Melanotan 2 or MT2 is the lab-based chemical made to mimic the effects and composition of naturally occurring hormone known as α-MSH. This melanocyte hormone is completely responsible for regulation of the skin color & integumentary system. Synthetically formed Mt2 is used for the improved libido & to darken your skin. Even though some people criticize melanotan 2 use, it has several health benefits to the people lacking such pigment. Let us check out how it works!

How does MII function?

Melanotan II mimics action of the melanocortin peptides and these are the natural hormones that are involved with the pigmentation, sexual functioning, inflammation, energy homeostasis, immune system, and cardiovascular system. Just like melanotan I, even melanotan II stimulates production of the eumelanin, and causing your skin to get dark or tan. Melanotan II is generally administered in a form of injection underneath your skin, mainly after every second day. Some of the trials have also shown that tanning effect will happen within five doses.

What’s the difference between Melanotan I and II?

Melanotan I bind to the receptors that are in charge of skin tanning and thus have very less side effects. Nonetheless far more of this is need for proper effect and this reason it is expensive than MII. On the other hand, Melanotan II binds properly to the receptors besides those responsible for tanning and for that reason it results in higher side-effects.

Dosage of Melanotan 2

Melanotan 2 is an injected peptide, although oral forms also are available. This peptide doesn’t stand up very well to human gastrointestinal tract, thus it is mainly used parenterally. The modified melanotan 2 forms was investigated as inhalant, however that format has been abandoned. AS per the animal studies done, dosage of MT2 ranged from over 10 ng/h via infusion to 1 microgram in one day. Generally, low melanotan II peptides doses have higher effects.

Final Words

Getting right melanotan 2 dose has got several benefits. It will help in skin pigmentation and appetite suppression and can also result in the increased libido among men. But, taking any kind of chemical supplement will lead to certain side effects when not considered adequately.

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