aluminium extrusion
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Pieces with definitive shape

aluminium extrusion

Keep in mind that each extra step required for processing needs time to invest, effectively prolonging the process (and increasing costs) .

In the case, on the other hand, once the mold has been prepared, die casting is carried out directly and the component obtained is almost always a finished piece.

Based on what we have just seen, it will be easy to understand how die casting is much more convenient in making you get a piece that is already complete and finished, with all the ensuing advantages aluminium extrusion singapore.

Complexity of the project

The design complexity is the great advantage of die casting and on the other hand, it represents the real limit of extrusion.

This is because in die casting you have the possibility of melting several pieces together, as well as giving them a totally free shape in the 3 dimensions.

Freedom of design

Extrusion allows you to have great design freedom, but only at the 2D profile level.

So there is no object dimension altogether.

The necessary workings in the third dimension must be done by reworking by chip removal.

The extruded pieces, therefore, must be conceptually simpler.

Furthermore, these pieces must then still be machined.

Therefore, to obtain a geometrically more complex shape, the best solution is to rely on die casting : thanks to molding it will be much easier to obtain the desired shape.

With extrusion, on the other hand, it will be necessary to first produce the extrusion, then work it, and finally assemble the pieces to make your component complete.

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