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Most delightful:

Plants always add a lot of fun and delight to a space however small or big. If you are looking forward to becoming a gardener you have to learn a few basic aspects of the whole process. You will have to first of all gather knowledge of the plant kingdom and try to get as much information as possible about the various species of plants and how to propagate or grow them. Potted plants are quite suitable for those who live in apartments and in the cities. If land is a constraint then your choice should be the potted plants. Every species is different and you have to understand and choose the best way to grow a pot plant in order for it to grow and thrive and also sustain the seasonal variations.

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 Get the steps right!

  • You have to follow the process well and to begin you have to prepare the pot and choose the best pot which will last longer like terracotta or cement pots.
  • The pot should have a drainage hole at the bottom so that the water does not stagnate and cause acidity in the soil.
  • The pot has to be filled by leaving a few inches at the top so that it can hold the water and other nutrients that are to be added.
  • You can use a few gravel bits or broken pieces of tiles or bricks to elevate the plant roots from the bottom.
  • The next step is to water them regularly as per the requirements of the species of plant and you must become more aware of the best way to grow a pot plant and give enough sunlight so that you can have a profitable gardening achievement.

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