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Tips to planning a sunroom in your house

A sunroom is a valuable addition to your home when planned well. A lot of things need to be considered when planning this area. We have listed some important tips to help you in the planning process.

  • The size and location: The slope of the sunroom and its location help decide the size of the room. In most places, we have seen that a sunroom is planned on the first floor of the property. The location of the room depends on various factors. You should know if it will be built close to your home or attached to it, the direction which it will be facing, the purpose for which it is designed, the entry and exit points to the room, the members of your family who will be using it most often, etc.
  • Decide on the season it is to be used: How do you intend to use your sunroom is another factor to be considered. Do you want it to serve the purpose year-round or do you plan it for any specific season should be clear. You should discuss all these aspects with your designer so that they will be able to guide you through the process. The amount of sun exposure you want also decides the location. If you are planning to use it the whole year it must be insulated to keep you warm during non-summer months. Cost-wise this would be more.
  • Design: The design of the room should enhance and compliment your home and not look separate and off from it. Along with the required functionality, the elegance aspect is also very important.
  • Details of the design: There are more things to consider in your project. Details like type of flooring, windows, roofing, lighting, landscaping, decking, etc also need consideration. Since it will be an extension to your living space, it would look good if you plan these aspects based on your existing design.
  • When you add a sunroom in Methuen, MA you can plan to include French doors and transom windows that can be opened to get fresh air when the breeze is favorable.

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