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P Plate car rental affordable companies of Singapore

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Are you a fresh driver looking for car rental companies for vacation and outings around Singapore? But many companies rejected you to rent a car due to your prohibition driving license. Then worry not, we have compiled the list of p plate car rental companies that will rent you a vehicle of your choice even if you are a p plate driver.

How much should you expect the rental charge in Singapore?

The car rental charges depend upon the car’s usage, brand, and passenger capacity. It may vary in various companies, but to give you a rough idea of how much you can expect the rental charge, here it is, for standard cars, it is $50 – $100 for a day, and for luxurious vehicles, you can expect around $ 1000 – $1300 for a day.

List of p plate car rental companies in Singapore

AKA Car rental

They offer a wide range of cars on rent at affordable prices in Singapore. Their vehicles are well-maintained and services cars at their rental services to their customers. There is no deposit policy in AKA car Rental Company, so you do not need to deposit any amount when you rent for them.

They rent vehicles to p plate drivers above 18 years old in Singapore. So, for all the p plate drivers in Singapore, AKA car rental company is a reliable & cost-effective option in car rentals.

Bolt Car Leasing Pvt. Ltd.

They have been providing car rental services in Singapore since 2011 and now have become one of the preferred choices among Singaporeans for car rental. The Bolt Car leasing company offers well-maintained and serviced cars equipped with the latest technologies for your entertainment. They offer 24/7 customer support that will be with you to solve any query and issue.

We hope the above information will help you find reliable car rental companies in Singapore.

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