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Office Cleaning” Job Or Social Service?

Cleaning services

If you heard a word office cleaning what comes in your mind first? definitely a place having a good and attractive glass door’s, employers sitting in front of screens in a proper dress, and a little bit decorative plants, and a positive as well as professional environment/ atmosphere therefore it is impossible to think of office unclean and dusty, unclean dirty environment can spread a negative effect physically as well as psychologically therefore office cleaning is as important as doing other professional work in offices.

  • How can we contribute in Office Cleaning?
  • A “janitor” also known as cleaner it’s their duty to take care of cleaning.
  • Employers should not fully depend on the office cleaners there are many employers who don’t want contribute in office cleaning therefore cleaning is not a duty of any individual every human should take apart in office cleaning and keep their surroundings clean.
  • Clean offices always spread positivity which indirectly or directly boost productivity as well as reduce stress.
  • Responsibilities of Office Cleaners
  1. Cleaning of gadgets
  2. Sweeping and mopping of floors
  3. To throw garbage and trash in dustbin
  4. They should make sure that table chair and other office material should be clean
  5. Office cleaner should make sure that documents, files, Gadgets, should be  at right place
  6. Most importantly toilets should be clean
  7. Sanitisation of offices for germs, bacteria, viruses’ free environment especially after COVID-19.

Cleanliness is a way of life no one can’t even a imagine a single day without cleanliness it’s the duty of every individual at any place whether it is about the school cleaning office cleaning house cleaning every individual should keep their surrounding clean every employee visit the offices for a job, offices is not only a workplace therefore, it is place where employers spend their most hours due to which not mostly but many of the employers ignore office cleaning and they are totally depend on the office cleaners for cleaning which is absolutely not good habit office cleaning is much more important than we think no one can’t even imagine working a place full of dust trash etc. Mostly office cleaner think that office cleaning is a job but in reality if we think as a wise person about office cleaning then definitely every individual will realise that office cleaning is a social service not a job therefore office cleaner as well as employers too should keep their surroundings clean and should take steps for the office cleaning.

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